Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Episode Four: Of Lightsaber Dildos and Death by Facebook

Join Pete D. Gaskell, Andy Johannesen, Fran Kilshaw and Peff Soulsby as they put the world to rights in a way that only they can, as well as:
- Defining themselves through fictional characters
- Debating the merits of political fitness videos
- Preaching free love and good will to all men (women...and snakes)
- Tackling head-on the notion of "guilty pleasures"
- Appreciating Star Wars
- Exploring the terrifying nature of Facebook
- Rambling about the Supermoon against the clock
- Defining some of the more fascinating words in the English language

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Episode Three - Of Glittery Farts and The Encroaching Gobblemuffin

Join the motley Smorgasbored crew of Pete D. Gaskell, Amy Walker, Chris Byrne and Sofia Hariz as they venture once more into the world of the weird and the wonderful.
Along the way, they:
- Explain how chocolate sizes and shapes have altered for the worse since your childhood
- Ponder a potential KitKat hoarding inside-job
- Discuss the perils of observing a minute's silence
- Find out how to make your toilet habits more festive
- Understand why Sofia goes balls-deep to bring us a report
- Realise that a minute's applause is a tedious thing
- Learn how translating film titles into French loses their meaning