Saturday, 24 December 2016

Christmas Special: Of Rampant Narcissism, Crying Dildos, And Zac Efron's Tepidity

Join Pete D. Gaskell, Chris Haigh, Sofia Hariz, Peff Soulsby & Dave Bond, as they embark on an adventure of festive fun and frolics, where they:
- Discuss the worst presents they've ever received
- Play a game of Christmas Movies Pass the Bomb
- Have a Christmas Quiz...or Quizmas...
- Strut their stuff in he FINAL of Talk The Talk
- And sing a rather unique take on a Christmas song...
PLUS a host of special guests show up to send everyone their festive wishes!
With music courtesy of:
- The Muppets
- Nat King Cole
- Kevin McLeod

Monday, 19 December 2016

Episode Six: Of Emergency Condoms and Dog Snot

Join Pete D. Gaskell, Amy Walker, Andrew Corvero & Sofia Hariz in the last regular show of the year, where they:
- Discover each other's musical tastes (or lack of)
- Dip into the weirdest local news headlines of the year
- Debate the importance and purpose of memes
- And continue the search for "Talk the Talk" silverware...

Monday, 12 December 2016

Episode Five: Of Malteser Necklaces and Optimal Penis Temperature

Join Pete D. Gaskell, Chris Haigh, Andrew Corvero and Dave Bond as they debate, discuss and destroy:
- The disadvantages of eating alone
- The artistic merits of a 5-star men's bathroom, including urinal etiquette
- Why Black Friday is apparently the newest public holiday
- The potential market for chocolate jewellery
- Life lessons for young people
- How to deconstruct a mid-life crisis
- The remarkable array of tat you can buy, and how much it will cost...