Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Episode Nine: Of Piers Morgan vs The Antichrist And Masturbation Rooms

Join Pete D. Gaskell, Andy Johannesen, Fran Kilshaw & Gaz Eastwood as they:
- Ponder the importance of superstitions
- Debate the merits of masturbation breaks in the workplace
- Monologue against the clock in Talk The Talk
- Play more silly games as part of I'll Do Anything
- Wonder about how farm animals can help yoga
- Explore the world of bizarre pub names
"Just A Little Bit of Everything" by Herb Hardesty
"Superstars Theme" by Johnny Pearson
"Happy Happy Game Show" by Kevin MacLeod

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Episode Eight: Of Dale Winton: Angel Overlord And Peff's Magical Turd

We're back for a new year! Join Pete D. Gaskell, Peff Soulsby, Chris Byrne & Dan Taylor as they:
- Reveal the highs and lows of their respective Christmases/New Years
- Uncover some weird news headlines from the past week - including a flamboyant funeral parade and some rather unconventional shrines
- Try to beat the clock on a new series of Talk the Talk
- Take part in a variety of silly challenges for new feature "I'll Do Anything" - where Peff tells an embarrassing story, Pete gets praised (rightly) to the heavens, and Dan unburdens himself
- Play a vile game of "Would You Rather" as a Plug & Play feature