Friday, 21 April 2017

Episode Nineteen: Of Immaculate Giraffe Conception And The Cup-A-Soup Conundrum

We're back! Join us as we kick off a new series of Smorgasbored in style with returning guests Chris Byrne, Carolyn Forward & Tom King! In this premiere episode, we:
- Take to the pulpit and preach on our own personal Petty Peeves
- Indulge in some more wild and weird headlines
- Give the thumbs up or thumbs down to trending Google searches in Hot or Not
- Monologue against the clock in everyone's favourite pressure-cooker feature, Talk The Talk
- And the losers from that game now have to endure the perilous challenges that await in Sing For Your Subbers!

"Glorious Domination" by WWE
"Disco Inferno" by The Trammps
"Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond
"King of Kings" by Motorhead
"No Scrubs" by TLC & Chris Byrne
"Happy Happy Game Show" by Kevin McLeod