Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Episode Eleven: Of Dave Bond: Cereal Flirt And Jizzing in the Name of Science

Join Pete D. Gaskell and an all-star trio of guests - Dave "Do You Expect Us To Talk?" Bond, Stacey "Stacey's Pop Culture Parlour" Taylor, and Rus "The Aussie and the Pom Show" Curtis, as they:
- Rant about their particular pet peeves
- Ponder the truth behind alien abductions
- Examine the potential drawbacks of at-home sperm analysis
- Discover the weird world of pigeon-fanciers
- Cringe at the thought of a man with his penis stuck in a bottle
- Monologue against the clock on the topics of: breakfast cereals, ghosts, and school PE lessons in Talk The Talk
- And engage in another game of Plug & Play
"Just A Little Bit of Everything" by Herb Hardesty
"Superstars Theme" by Johnny Pearson
"Happy Happy Game Show" by Kevin McLeod

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