Monday, 3 July 2017

Episode Twenty Three: Of Nob Necking And Sex Dungeon Safety Measures

Pete D. Gaskell is joined by his chosen Holy Trinity of Al Galpin, Adi Ahnang & Craig McCallen, as they:
- Reveal their own particular Petty Peeves
- Discuss some utterly bizarre Weird News (and potentially upset the city of Sunderland)
- Try to understand the craziness of SmorgiHow
- And monologue against the clock in Talk The Talk (with challenges for the losers)

"Lois & Clark Theme" by Jay Gruska
"Wonder Woman Theme" by Charles Fox & Norman Gimbel
"Batman Theme" by Neal Hefti
"How Not To Live Your Life" by Ben Parker
"Happy Happy Game Show" by Kevin McLeod

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